Pinball FX2

Pinball FX2

Play hyper-realistic pinball games with this program

Pinball is one of the most popular games ever. Nevertheless, due to its size and cost, not many people can afford a real pinball machine in their house.
This program solves this difficulty by providing a virtual version of this game. It includes simulations of the most popular versions of the real pinball. Also, you can customize your game by purchasing additional modules that are themed after well-known movie and comic characters, such as Star Wars, The Avengers, and more.

As in the real pinball, this game is relatively easy to play. In fact, it only has two controls: the launcher, which is activated using the r+Enter keys, and the flippers, controlled with the left and right Shift keys. The program includes a tutorial in case you need it.

What is really outstanding of this game is the high quality of the graphics. They are very detailed and make you feel as if you were inside the machine. The sound effects also are pretty good, adding to the realistic sense of the program. The best part is that the core program is free to download and play. Only the extra modules are pay-based. Also, the PC version of the game is available both from the Steam platform, and from Windows Store.

The two only drawbacks I found are that the installation file is huge, so it can take a while to download. Also, the game has many options such as single- and multi-player games, tournaments, and more, that can take a while to learn. Nevertheless, it is a very good and entertaining game.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The core game is free to download and use
  • You can download and play it through the Steam platform, and also, through Windows Store


  • The size of the installation file is huge and may take a while to download
  • Although the game play is simple, the program has different options that can take a while to learn
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